Skincare : Favorites


Well... it seems to be time for my yearly blog check-in! Do you ever have a creative project that sticks around in you head until you just need to make it?! That's how this post has been for me. I've been using, and loving, several new (to me) skincare items over the past few months and have been feeling the urge to share!

Have you used any of these? Skincare is such a tricky thing since everyone has unique skin, lives in a unique environment, eats different things, drinks different things... the list goes on! But I share these in hopes something may stick out to you and be useful AND in hopes that you'll share some of your faves that may work for me!

OK, without further ado:
1. Deodorant Cream from Fat & the Moon
I have been giving several natural deodorants a try and continue to have reservations about each one. I stumble upon this one in Bandito a few months ago and have been loving it! This cream stays well blended and b/c I'm in Arizona stays creamy (if your house is a bit frigid I could see it being a tad firm). A little on my finger tips and rubbed into my pits and I am ready to go!

2. Eye Beam Oil from LUA
I am always nervous about slathering oils onto my face (breakouts!) but this eye oil product was an amazing tip toe towards slathering and I am LOVING it! With a lovely scent and quality ingredients this eye roller makes me feel like a fancy lady who is on top of her skin game.

3. Whipped Body Creme from Strawberry Hedgehog
To be honest, I am not a daily lotion-er but I know there are a lot of you out there! This body creme makes me feel comfortable that I am soaking my skin with quality safe ingredients and feels amazing! As suggested, it also can be combined with a drop of your favorite essential oil for an aromatic spa experience.

4. Bentonite Clay Mask
Have you seen this around? It had been recommended a few places around the interwebs and I was looking forward to trying it! Mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother!) I apply this to my face and allow it to start to dry. As it does, it tightens and pulls until you feel like your face will pop off (yikes!). But I love it if only for the placebo effect. Does anyone else have experiences with this mask they'd like to share?!

5. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner
THIS. In my mind, this has been the most effective product I've started to use. In the morning, after washing my face, I apply this with a cotton pad thingy and it feels great! I think it moisturizes well and is a great product to give your skin consistent toning (TBH I have no idea what that means).