January Favorites

I do not think that money can buy happiness but I do think that material things in our lives can bring us joy -- I have been loving these items I picked up this month and wanted to share!

These sweatpants have been my go-to loungewear and the softest, comfiest things ever! I am so scared to wash them incase their softness decreases. Yes, fast fashion is not good. Yes, I want to invest in more quality pieces. Yes, I think capsule wardrobing is amazing - but these are the best sweatpants I have ever owned! And at $20 I feel ok about that.

Talking about investing in quality pieces - I knew I needed to buy a quality pair of low brown boots. I have had a cheap pair that I liked to pull out that were unsupportive to my feets and having had podiatrists yell at me for said pair of cheap boots I knew the money would be worth it to upgrade. Surprise, surprise - I didn't have to spend $200! This pair from Dr. Scholl's was an amazing deal on Zappos and fit everything I was looking for!

And three-- everyone wants to start out the new year organized and ready to go, so I was thrilled when I found this Simplified Planner at Frances! I love how each day you can write out your schedule AND your to-do list and it's spiral bound -- SPIRAL BOUND! This is the key for me people. It is just so much easier to write in!

Anything you guys have recently discovered that I have to know about? I would love to know!